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20 August 2007

Gathered into the Fold

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Iain Chiswell-Carter aged 25, son of Christopher Chiswell [1958-1991] and grandson of Crawford Chiswell and Ann Warne Chiswell [John Ottley line] was baptised into the Church at Plymouth, Devon, England, on 30 June 2007.

4 May 2006

Benjamin Sawyer Ottley

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We are happy to announce the birth of Benjamin Sawyer Ottley.

Born March 15, 2006
6lbs 18.5in

Mother and baby are doing fine. They should be coming home Sunday or Monday.

Editor’s note: Benjamin Sawyer Ottley is the son of Jared Russell Ottley, son of Robert Bennett Ottley, son of Frederick Edward Ottley, son of Frederick Hugh Ottley

19 November 2005

Whiting half-cousins

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I was surprised this week to get a contact by Martin Yeo whose wife is descended from Abraham Whiting who was the second husband of our own Frances Holmes Ottley. Martin used to live in Plymouth, England, as I do now. I hope this will lead to new revelations about Edward I and his half-brothers Jonathan and George Whiting.

21 October 2005

Warren S Ottley Jr

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My beloved Warren S Ottley Jr pass on Sunday Sept 4, 2005. He passed quietly in his sleep and I am so greatful to Heavenly Father for letting me share him on this earth.

31 July 2005

Announcing Jera Ann Bjornberg

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Jera Ann Bjornberg, daughter of Christopher Ryan and Lisa Pyne Bjornberg, was born 17 July 2005 at Pocatello, Bonneville, Idaho.

Lisa Pyne (Bjornberg) is the daughter of Richard Barker Pyne, who is the son of Abbie Barker (Pyne), who is the daughter of Teggie Harriet Ottley (Barker) (Krause), who is the daughter of Frederick Hugh Ottley.

28 July 2005

On mission in Germany

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Just a note to tell all we are in Germany serving a mission at the Frieberg Germany Temple.

Got here Aug ’04 and will go home July ’06. Would love to hear from any or all. E-mail:
Susan O. Palmer


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05 05 05 is so cool, and won’t happen again for a hundred years! Husband Crawford is 79 today.

5 May 2003

Edward Ottley 1847 – PAF Notes

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[There is a 1931 version of this marriage which gives (from the parish) the name of Edward`s father as Edward, and a 1968 version (from the GRO) which gives his name as Edmund. In both cases Edward and Harriet were of full age, resident at Alphamstone, and Edward, his father and John Mills were all Labourers; witnesses were George Whiting (probably his half-brother) and Mary Ann Smith.]

CEN 1851: Plantation House, Bures St.Mary, Edward head 33 farm labourer bn Halstead, Essex, wife Harriet 30 Bures Hamlet, Essex, son George 1 Bures St.Mary, Suffolk. ALSO Cobbs Farm, Alphamstone, Essex, John Mills head 64 ag.lab, wife Elizabeth 74, grandson Edward 2 all bn Bures, Suffolk. [Harriet became a Mormon in 1852.] [The Plantation (1993) is about a mile out of Bures, in Suffolk – or in another version it is in Bures Hamlet, Essex. The map shows several possibilities!]

CEN 1861: Little Jennings, Bures, Essex, Edward 43 (1818) farm steward bn Halstead, Essex, wife Harriet 41 (1820) Bures Hamlet, Essex, children Edward 12, George 11, John 9 all born Bures, Suffolk, Peter 6, Ann 3 both born Bures Hamlet, Essex.

CEN 1871: Upper Jennies, Bures Hamlet, Edward 52 (1819) Halstead, wife Harriett 50 (1821) bn Bures Hamlet, ch. George unm 20 (1850) and John unm 18 (1852) both bn Bures, Suffolk, Ann 13 (1858), Susan 9 (1862) and Fred 6 (1865) all bn Bures Hamlet, Essex. (Only the two oldest children were CHR.)

*1877 (19 Sep) the family left Liverpool on the steamer Wisconsin in a party of about 500 “saints” including many Scandinavians; they arrived in Salt Lake City 9 Oct 1877, and were met by George Silvester at the railway station, who took them to South Cottonwood: young Fred took time to walk round the foundations of the Salt Lake Temple which was being built then; six months later they moved from the Sylvester house to Godfrey Farm where they lived 14 years. Both buried in the Sylvester grave. Edward was short, heavy set, light brown hair, grey-blue eyes, good natured and slow, while Harriet was short, slender, neat, brown hair and eyes, good natured, hard worker and foresighted.

*Edward and Harriet are buried near their friends in Murray City Cemetery, northwest of the Ottley family area in the central east part of the cemetery.
*Family history notes compiled by F.Burton Howard, Donald Heise and Enid Ottley Heise. Edward was born in Rosemerry Lane, Halstead; his mother had previously lived at Gosfield near Halstead; after her second marriage Edward moved with them to Long Gardens (Halstead? Bures?)

*Ernest Ottley says “they lived successively in the following houses… Four Relets, Butlers, Lower Jenny`s, Upper Jenny`s where they were living when Henry came to America in 1872. Then they moved into a new brick home where they were living when they emigrated in 1877.”

*1993 Ann & Crawford Chiswell, Iola Richardson and Edna and Calvin Neal looked for these houses. Nobody had heard of Four Relete. Nobody was in at Butlers. Upper or Higher Jennies has been rebuilt and is now known as Pricketts Hall. Lower Jennies (now Wood Cottage) is owned by Local Historian Mr.Imrie, and this is the house whence the WINDOW scratched by Edward Ottley with his name and the date Sep 4 1876 (they sailed from Liverpool 19/9/77 – I wonder if it was actually scratched 77 just before they left, not 76?) came in 1972. When Teggie Ottley Krause found that the wall where this window was situated was to be demolished so that a conservatory could be added to the house she told Percy & Marjorie Ottley of Copford, and Percy arranged for a glazier to remove the pane, which was framed by Paul Swenson and put in a shadow-box with a picture of Lower Jennies behind.

*2002 Ann Chiswell and Deborah Mika photographed the houses and sent copies to Wayne Ottley.
*NOTE from the Suffolk Archivist, 1994: Bures Hamlet was the portion of Bures St.Mary parish, Suffolk, which lay in Essex; not to be confused with the separate and neighbouring parish of Mount Bures, Essex! No reference to a cottage called Four Relete or similar in Alphamstone, Bures or Bures Hamlet on OS Map 1905 6″ 2nd.Ed. or Bures Hamlet OS Map 1907 25″, or Tithe Apportionment or Tithe Map for Bures Hamlet (about 1840) as none of the cottages are named. There is an ancient parish in Suffolk called Otley, 6mls NW Woodbridge.

*NOTE from the Essex Archivist: no trace of Four Relate on 1880 6″ map in the Mount Bures/Bures Hamlet area. (Other sources would be tithe maps abt.1840 directories 1835-1937, census 1841-91, which they hold.) Reaney`s “Place Names of Essex”, 1935, has nothing similar to Four Relets.

*Bures St.Mary is notorious for two other emigrants, William & Nicholas Knapp, who emigrated to America in 1630: they took with them the gene for Huntington`s Chorea which thus spread all over the USA; one of William`s sons married Elizabeth Warne (yes!) who returned to Bures when widowed.

*Feb.2003 – have looked in the (FamilySearch) 1880 USA census LDS index for Edward 63, Harriet 60 (emig 1877), Peter (emig 1872), Ann Ballard 23, Elizabeth Rasmussen 19, and Fred 16, but not there, suggesting no Utah in this census. 1881 UK census index has John at Eastbourne, but no Edward jun age 32 (emig 1885) or George age 30 who remained in England. Has anyone collected details from the 1841 census?

6 April 2003

Willow Pattern Plate Verse

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Willow Pattern Plate Verse
Everybody seems to half-remember this, and they wonder how it really runs, so it seems a good idea to record it again :

“Two pigeons flying high,
Chinese vessel sailing by,
Weeping willow hanging o’er,
Bridge with three men – if not four,
Chinese temple, there it stands,
Seems to cover all the land,
Apple tree with apples on,
A pretty fence to end my song.”

4 April 2003

Julia Lee Olsen

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I am Julia Lee (Bruesch) Olsen. My lineage is Thirza (Hull) Bruesch (mother); Etta Francis (Ottley) Hull McBride (grandmother); Fred H. & Abigail Ottley (great-grandparents); Edward & Harriet Ottley (great-great-grandparents).

I have two sisters: Karen Jan Bruesch and Laura Ann (Bruesch) Hunton. We all live in central Virginia with our families.

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